Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Processing of FEAR

Fear is the suffocation of progress, it's limiting and stifles our ambitions… facing ones fears, looking head on into the abyss is an exhilarating experience, finding truth in freedom, breaking the chains of submission that would bind us to see only so much and go but so far…
The quest for knowledge and growth should be a perpetual flame within each of us to exceed the mark cast by our predecessors, we should be relentless in our desire for sensory stimulation, constantly looking for new life experiences. Fore those experiences are the fuel that ignites the spirit.
Complacency kill the spirit and extinguishes dreams.

Friday, November 26, 2010

From the forth coming book: A L The Private I Project

Excerpts in no particular order:

I wish I had patience for the game and could be indifferent... Being someone that I'm not is difficult.

We find ourselves seeking love without knowing how to accept it once offered.
The scariest part of getting what you want is the thought of losing it once achieved, so we deny ourselves the right opportunities to obtain it.

When I began this project it was from a place of darkness without true direction, I was filled with bitterness with a point to prove. I was in pain and emotionally drained after dealing with yet another failed relationship with someone I should not have been with on the level of which I had committed myself.

In most cases the writing was not only on the wall, but it was painted bright red and highlighted by neon lights, but I refused to acknowledge the signs or the words that came directly from their lips… I'm a hopeless romantic living the epitome of looking for love in all the wrong places.

I keep breaking my own rules in dealing with these models, I keep get to involved in their personal issues…
More often then not I try to understand them and figure out how to help; when it shouldn't be any of my concern. But for some reason I have developed a pattern of get too emotionally involved… I wish I could be more apathetic.

No love can change a person who doesn't realize the need for change, nor wants to change… There are some who enjoy living in the mist of an illusion rather then face the fear of seeing the truth. I walked that trail beside them and often took the lead until I fell into a chasm. It should not have been a surprise yet I was still ill prepared for my rapid emotional descent.

Why do I get so quickly attached to people in crisis struggling through personal issues?
The answer made itself apparent rather early as I discovered that by listing to their stories and seeking to find a way to bring each one a level of understanding and closure; I subconsciously sought to find the same within myself.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blissful ignorance a battle for the Warrior Artist.

Why do we chose to live in fear and ignorance of that which we don't understand rather then take the initiative and ask the question why and or how?

People view my new works and make assumptions that are more often then not incorrect, misguided, and judgmental… The exact purpose for my creating this project.

To expose those insecurities, and make you question your values, face your demons and destroy the perception of barriers or limitations within Art, acting, modeling, and creative expression.

I liken the true artist to a warrior, who doesn't walk in fear, but embraces it to make him stronger...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Words of inspiration: A note from a fellow artist.

Over the years I've grappled with the very question you have proposed. What is appropriate within the societal context and why are the traditions of our present social consciousness willing to elevate violence as art, and erotica as suspect?

Much has been written on the subject, though its intentional exploration as application rarely sees the light of day. Moreover, within the artist, there seems to be a conditioned self-consciousness about pursuing erotica, beyond its tamest examples. The nude body engages in sex hits too close to home within the life experiences of many, while most extreme acts of violence, while sometimes entertaining as well as unsettling is (mostly) too remote from lived experience (unlike sex which is characterized as intimate and thus private.) Also religious doctrines with its interpretation of sex as sin continues to condition the social consciousness by characterizing the display of sex as something exploitative and the oldest defense against its portrayal in mainstream terms --- as something that is a dire threat to children.

However it is in my opinion that the current issues where sexual display is denied complete artistic merit arrives from how badly the porn industry depicts the erotic. Its pervasiveness has indicated to the public that explicit sex is soulless, mechanical and superficial. And since the porn consumer has little variety available beyond the fetishes offered as slight variations on a few genres, the public perception of sexuality is guided by some very unartistic examples. This in turn makes it difficult for explicit examples to overcome the social stigma associated with the prevailing images.

The central fight for you and others isn't to try to convince a public, which has largely rendered its verdict, but to forge ahead, defiantly, bravely and with strength of purpose. But the fight is costly and on top of everything, in order to manifest your work, you need allies (models) whom not only share your vision, but understand that art must merit more than established norms. Which means expanding our aesthetics, to include diversity of body types, ethnicity and challenging expressions.

Having seen your work, it has inspired me to challenge my own perceptions, because there's nothing I like more in art than courage of conviction. Of the few nudes I've produced, I have from time to time had to defend my work against charges of cultural and social impiety.

Sorry this is so long but the subject is worth exploring, and I applaud your efforts. It seems i can't get enough of what you're doing, and look forward to seeing more in the future, regardless of the themes.

Adam Narcross

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Any time any place...

A stolen moment to indulge the pleasures spawned by lust.
Two strangers connect, eye contact leads to subtle physical gestures that read like a play book from coach to his team, signaling interest that goes beyond conversation.
In fact few if any words are spoken but they both know instinctively where this flirtation will lead.
The train stops and he exits, she follows with a false air of confidence.
Exiting the subway station he stops abruptly midway the staircase and turns to her.
Both their hearts race with nervous energy, he slowly approaches her. His excitement is obvious and she acknowledges it positively slightly smiling as she reaches toward his crotch.
He grabs her hand and assists her as she massages the bulge in his jeans.
They listen intensely for any sound of others approaching, only to hear the sound of passing street traffic.
They waste no time as they fumble to unzip his fly and expose his genitals to the musky air of the subways stairwell.
Holding it firmly in her hand she slowly strokes it while looking into his eyes as if waiting for confirmation to proceed further. He signals his approval and desire with a single gesture and she complies as he gently gasps her by the hair and pulls her downward.
Her mouth opens and embraces him with warm wetness...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I never failed you, you failed yourself…
And I ignored the obvious truths that you presented in your actions, words and lack there of.
I was a fool desiring love and attached myself to the wrong one.
I lost more of myself then I thought I'd gain, the image in my mind was suitable to frame but the reality that existed was my image twisted.
I walked in denial everyday we'd awake hoping for change and understanding to build a future everlasting.
In the end you shattered my dreams and destroyed my home and I lost everything that I owned.
But gained a better understanding of my weakness.
Love don't live here anymore and like those b4 me and many sure to follow your body called and sex was the glue that held interest.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taste the pleaure of life...

The vestal by which all life flows offers the nectar of the Goddess as it's appreciation.
I offer to her in return my power, my essence and that which drive this passionate encounter. Together we are the spark of the universe, she cries to the heavens to glorify me.
She feels my STRENGTH yet I am weakened by her submission.
We create the wave of wetness flowing across the landscape of our form.
Caverns, peaks and valleys intertwine and connect forming a mass of fluid motion working toward a common goal.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Truely Obscene, desturbing and pornographic content.

My .02 cents

We all live with the perception of certain freedoms, however the reality of those freedoms can be proven an illusion if we choose to step outside the realm of social and societal norms.

The social norm, a standard subconsciously place upon us all creating boundaries and limitations on our creative thinking, way of life and personal sense of self expression. Some hold fast to this construct but a rare few chose to walk outside the boundaries of societal limitations. History has shown that progress only comes when individuals push the limits of expectation.
However before that happens there are martyrs who break the ground on the unexplored or rarely traveled.
Martyrs who have been persecuted, expelled, threatened, and murdered by the very people who now reap the rewards of their sacrifices.

The major taboo for many is still the outward expression of intimacy and sex.
Sex as much as we all enjoy it, desire and need it is still something most people would want hidden and practiced behind closed doors in a dark room.
It amazes me that this way of thinking still exists in a so-called modern and highly evolved society.

Sex is still looked at as dirty, something we should be ashamed of and hide.
Yet in reality we all know this is far from the truth, sex is a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Everything that draws breath revels in the process of procreation and physical gratification. So how and why are we so quick to judge those who openly express it? Why should individuals who are secure in themselves bear a scarlet letter for showing us all something we all do, desire to do or have done. Why are films that depict such acts judged so harshly, why is sex; a natural act and something that's apart of everyones life at some point or another labeled x-rated and violence, war, murder and horror, things that are unnatural, gruesome and brutal given less limitation for viewing, distribution and marketing.
Not to mention this it is considered mainstream entertainment.
Shooting, stabbing, decapitations, and any sick twisted concept for killing can be seen on any television set in America via cable, network and satellite television.
However, the art of making love, the passion of sex, the pleasure of fucking is censored, edited or unavailable.
Gun shops can be found all over middle America yet a sex shop or strip club causes protests within that community even though most house holds have some sort of sexual paraphernalia or sex toy in it.
I find this rather hypocritical and closed minded.

Sex is a natural part of all things living, just as violence is, however, I would rather live around people with a healthy sex life then those prone to violence.
I know people who have sex, I'll pass on an association with a serial killer, a terrorist or anyone who would even consider doing what goes on in successful horror or action films. "Saw, Friday the 13, Halloween, Hostel, etc; These are what I'd consider pornographic x-rated material. Decapitations, disembowelment, and assassination are recurring images in movies and video games today yet no one screams obscene.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ain't nothin' like a hot pie...

The Camera is one of the tools I use to express myself and grow.
If I’m passionate about a project or subject I can shoot it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fashion shoot, commercial or product session. Shooting is shooting for me, and passion sometimes dictate the outcome, It will always be good but when I’m enthused it’s great!

Ideas are like Pizza and Sex. When it’s good you’re excited, when it’s fresh it hotter and when your in the moment enjoying it… Nuff Said!


by Lauri Adverb

It starts a tingle,
fleeting thought
of yr lips brushing mine,
her hips swaying
against a suburban silhouette,
the sound my cunt-lips make
when moist and in motion.

At five, summer afternoons
my mom would nap
in the cool of the basement.
Not tired, I’d nap, too.
Under a thin sheet
as the damp heat
pervaded the room,

I snuck my hand down cotton briefs,
thrilling in the sensation
of my index finger rolling
on my clit.

Age nine: three times
a day I’d stealth
to the side of my large bed
with large pillow, the high
frame and flowered sheet around it
hiding me from view.
the pillow became Johnny Depp,
Jon Bon Jovi.
I rode them, quiet ecstactic,
talking dirty to them,
sure they were getting off just as good
and amazed at my prowess.
After, we’d cuddle, spent.

Throughout timid teenage years
once they dropped me off in their parents’ cars,
the boys I’d never let touch me down there
became my bitches
in the dark silence of my bedroom,
punctuated by my hushed moans
and mother’s snore.

I learned to ride
before I ever
climbed a man.




From the creator of the widely popular calendar series and the highly acclaimed docu-tainment film "Creating the Phantasy" this is "The Private I Project" an experiment in the expression and understanding of personal growth and gratification in the realm of intimacy and sex as it relates to each individual through the creative mind of "The Vision" Andre LaVelle
Raw, Bold, and Unapologetic... This journey winds down a path few if any have dared to so honestly travel.

Let's begin...

"Creating the Phantasy"