Friday, November 26, 2010

From the forth coming book: A L The Private I Project

Excerpts in no particular order:

I wish I had patience for the game and could be indifferent... Being someone that I'm not is difficult.

We find ourselves seeking love without knowing how to accept it once offered.
The scariest part of getting what you want is the thought of losing it once achieved, so we deny ourselves the right opportunities to obtain it.

When I began this project it was from a place of darkness without true direction, I was filled with bitterness with a point to prove. I was in pain and emotionally drained after dealing with yet another failed relationship with someone I should not have been with on the level of which I had committed myself.

In most cases the writing was not only on the wall, but it was painted bright red and highlighted by neon lights, but I refused to acknowledge the signs or the words that came directly from their lips… I'm a hopeless romantic living the epitome of looking for love in all the wrong places.

I keep breaking my own rules in dealing with these models, I keep get to involved in their personal issues…
More often then not I try to understand them and figure out how to help; when it shouldn't be any of my concern. But for some reason I have developed a pattern of get too emotionally involved… I wish I could be more apathetic.

No love can change a person who doesn't realize the need for change, nor wants to change… There are some who enjoy living in the mist of an illusion rather then face the fear of seeing the truth. I walked that trail beside them and often took the lead until I fell into a chasm. It should not have been a surprise yet I was still ill prepared for my rapid emotional descent.

Why do I get so quickly attached to people in crisis struggling through personal issues?
The answer made itself apparent rather early as I discovered that by listing to their stories and seeking to find a way to bring each one a level of understanding and closure; I subconsciously sought to find the same within myself.

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