Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NYC Subway

I find myself headed to the Big Apple regularly, the energy is intoxicating and it invigorates me… I venture out like an Explorer in the New World, a Hunter on Safari, My camera is my weapon and the perfect shot is the goal… my eyes are sharp as I go on the prowl looking for the small signals that will reveal an opportunity.
She site with a head set on using music to mask her nervousness, we are both out of our element.
Once our eye's connect I take advantage of the opportunity and initiate a conversation that explores as deeply and as quickly as possible the condition of my catch, fore the predatory nature of my creative spirit overwhelms me, I am obsessed with executing my vision, pushing the boundaries quenches my thrust, predator or prey the lines are blurred, the hunt has begun… From curiosity to dare and the acceptance of the challenge in a matter of moments we are in full production.
Her story is as interesting as the process of creation, but her words will never be heard, just a timeless image in a subway marks her presence on that day.

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  1. If a person writes a novel, he or she may begin the narrative boldy. "I want to tell it all, because I cannot show it all. And in the explicit telling hope to God that you've seen enough of it all, so that I won't have to waste considerable poetry trying to describe it all. Moreover as I relate the unvarnished incidents from which much is revealed, I also hope that you wil have enpough personal life experience to be affected by it all as I write. If not then to race vicariously elong to a preview of what can potentially happen in its exacting grace." So there was a thing done along a fine subway and this thing was caled rebellion against the conformity of negating my deserved desires.