Saturday, September 18, 2010

Any time any place...

A stolen moment to indulge the pleasures spawned by lust.
Two strangers connect, eye contact leads to subtle physical gestures that read like a play book from coach to his team, signaling interest that goes beyond conversation.
In fact few if any words are spoken but they both know instinctively where this flirtation will lead.
The train stops and he exits, she follows with a false air of confidence.
Exiting the subway station he stops abruptly midway the staircase and turns to her.
Both their hearts race with nervous energy, he slowly approaches her. His excitement is obvious and she acknowledges it positively slightly smiling as she reaches toward his crotch.
He grabs her hand and assists her as she massages the bulge in his jeans.
They listen intensely for any sound of others approaching, only to hear the sound of passing street traffic.
They waste no time as they fumble to unzip his fly and expose his genitals to the musky air of the subways stairwell.
Holding it firmly in her hand she slowly strokes it while looking into his eyes as if waiting for confirmation to proceed further. He signals his approval and desire with a single gesture and she complies as he gently gasps her by the hair and pulls her downward.
Her mouth opens and embraces him with warm wetness...

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