Saturday, August 7, 2010

Truely Obscene, desturbing and pornographic content.

My .02 cents

We all live with the perception of certain freedoms, however the reality of those freedoms can be proven an illusion if we choose to step outside the realm of social and societal norms.

The social norm, a standard subconsciously place upon us all creating boundaries and limitations on our creative thinking, way of life and personal sense of self expression. Some hold fast to this construct but a rare few chose to walk outside the boundaries of societal limitations. History has shown that progress only comes when individuals push the limits of expectation.
However before that happens there are martyrs who break the ground on the unexplored or rarely traveled.
Martyrs who have been persecuted, expelled, threatened, and murdered by the very people who now reap the rewards of their sacrifices.

The major taboo for many is still the outward expression of intimacy and sex.
Sex as much as we all enjoy it, desire and need it is still something most people would want hidden and practiced behind closed doors in a dark room.
It amazes me that this way of thinking still exists in a so-called modern and highly evolved society.

Sex is still looked at as dirty, something we should be ashamed of and hide.
Yet in reality we all know this is far from the truth, sex is a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Everything that draws breath revels in the process of procreation and physical gratification. So how and why are we so quick to judge those who openly express it? Why should individuals who are secure in themselves bear a scarlet letter for showing us all something we all do, desire to do or have done. Why are films that depict such acts judged so harshly, why is sex; a natural act and something that's apart of everyones life at some point or another labeled x-rated and violence, war, murder and horror, things that are unnatural, gruesome and brutal given less limitation for viewing, distribution and marketing.
Not to mention this it is considered mainstream entertainment.
Shooting, stabbing, decapitations, and any sick twisted concept for killing can be seen on any television set in America via cable, network and satellite television.
However, the art of making love, the passion of sex, the pleasure of fucking is censored, edited or unavailable.
Gun shops can be found all over middle America yet a sex shop or strip club causes protests within that community even though most house holds have some sort of sexual paraphernalia or sex toy in it.
I find this rather hypocritical and closed minded.

Sex is a natural part of all things living, just as violence is, however, I would rather live around people with a healthy sex life then those prone to violence.
I know people who have sex, I'll pass on an association with a serial killer, a terrorist or anyone who would even consider doing what goes on in successful horror or action films. "Saw, Friday the 13, Halloween, Hostel, etc; These are what I'd consider pornographic x-rated material. Decapitations, disembowelment, and assassination are recurring images in movies and video games today yet no one screams obscene.


  1. Was that just .02 worth of your opinion... I have a whole quarter if you have more time. :)